Sol Team Six Title

606 uniquely generated operators commissioned to serve and protect the solana ecosystem at all cost.



Sol Team Six NFT 1
Sol Team Six NFT 2
Sol Team Six NFT 3

So it begins..

A counter flashed out of a monitor screen in the empty war room at the headquarters of Sol Team 6:
The counter stopped showing in the glitchy monitor and flickered out.
Something opened the door with its tentacle arms and looked at the same screen. It punched the screen repeatedly and aggressively, with blood dripping out of the arms.

Some time ago...

"Welcome to Sol Team 6 recruitment center! Do pick up your starter items and proceed to the briefing room thanks!" said the recruitment officer in front of Yojo. He was the top of his class in every aspect before he graduated in college. An interest in this legendary military group, he applied and passed the theory test with flying colors.

As he stepped into the class, he bumped into a person walking out of the room.

"Sorry!" he said.

The person looked at him with an angry look in his face and left. Yojo noticed that one of his arms were made out of tentacles.

As he waited for the briefing to start, the room displayed the recruitment poster that inspired him to apply. It read:

We are not your ordinary defenders.
We are not here for an eternal time, not here for justice and definitely not here to avenge.
We, like you, will work our very best to serve our country to the very best.

And if we can't do it, we will die trying.

Join us, and help us protect and improve lives!


Wounded Warrior Project

Donation of 10% of total sales to Wounded Warrior Project, a non profit organization that supports soldiers who incur injuries (physical or mental), illnesses, or wounds, while in the line of duty during or after September 11, 2001.

America's Gold Start Families

Donation of 10% of total sales to America’s Gold Star Families, A non profit organization that supports family and friends of soldiers who die in the line of duty. The organization provides honor and hope to the bereaved.


Phase 1 - Launch Sol Team Six

Launch 606 uniquely generated Operators to serve and protect the metaverse! Only on Solana! Launching on December 9th, 2021!

Phase 2 - SOLD OUT! - Just the beginning

Shortly after minting has concluded Sol Team Six will go live on exchanges where you can buy/sell operators. To show our appreciation and dedication, our team will be pledging 20% of all sales to the ops stash. This will be used for community giveaways, collaborations, and further project development. Lastly we will be donating over 20% of all sales to military non-profit organizations.

Phase 3 - Comic Book

Sol Team Six NFT holders will have access to monthly comic book subscriptions including giveaways and exclusive content. The comic will be much more than just a story. While we continue to develop our NFT utility the comic book will reveal upcoming airdrops and developments of the project!

Phase 4 - Companions, Armoury, and Black Market

Operators will be provided with the necessary tools to serve and protect. All token holders will receive unique NFT companions (1:1) to provide assistance when it is needed most. NFT holders will also be air-dropped weapons and awards which can be displayed in their Armoury! To make each and every armoury unique we will be releasing hundreds of different weapons and accessories all with different rarities to show off on your socials. Customize your armoury by selling and trading your weapons on our very own Black Market. The Black Market will offer a wide variety of weapons and accessories to upgrade your armoury. Weapons will be supplied courtesy of the Arms Dealer.


Our Team

Admiral JukeAdmiral Juke
Admiral YojoAdmiral Yojo
Admiral HogieAdmiral Hogie